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Looking for my address and phone number? They're not on this site. Sadly, fellow book authors reported receiving phone calls at home from readers demanding on-the-spot tech support. Calls like that are just not appropriate so I have not published my phone number. I am online almost daily, many hours a day, so email is the best way to reach me. My email address is on several pages on this site. Or click here to send an email to me. If that address doesn't work for you, use this address.

In Memory: On July 3, 2005 I lost a good friend.
Sing-Si Schwartz, a unique spirit of all that is good, passed away in his sleep after hitting his head. I'd say it's just not right, but Sing-Si would remind me not to question it and to accept that it's meant to be, to go on and make the best of our lives. He is very much missed.
If you bang your head, please get help & don't go to sleep alone.

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I started my personal/work site just about the same time the internet went public. Enthralled by WYSIWYG (visual) design programs, I used the app that became Adobe Page Mill, Claris HomePage, and GoLive Cyberstudio. Falling fully for Cyberstudio, I have used it ever since. (It is now called Adobe GoLive.) I initially created the site in version 2. With each beta and new version I simply opened the Site file in the new version and kept on editing/building it. At the start of 2004, I did my first major redesign, creating the site as you see it here. The site had simply grown in scope and I needed a more flexible design.

This site takes full advantage of GoLive's Components, Snippets, Smart Objects, and Templates to provide easy edits and design changes. There is no way I'd have this site without GoLive! It just would not be worth the time and would not be fun to update. I love that I can change this site on a whim, in minutes. Many of the additional Actions and Extensions also make it fun and easy to use.
The menus are done using BigBang's MenuMachine. I only have my menus go one level down but they could easily have sublevels.

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New, October 2008, I'm having fun seeing when people visit my site, when, and where they go. (Don't worry, I'm not learning personal things about you.) Stats just got exciting — with Woopra!



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