When Macworld Expo brought my fellow Mac-users to New York City I created these resource pages for them. People continue to tell me they're quite helpful. I hope they help you too.

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General NYC information — links about my home-town

New York Convention and Visitor's Bureau

NewYorkCity.com: Check out the maps here. They are really informational, except that each neighborhood is not named on a main map. So, here are some tips and direct links:

NYC 100 - Home Page

Wired New York - I love this site. It all at once cures my homesickness and makes me homesick by bringing me back to NYC. Among other things, this site is an excellent way to see and learn about the building that make up this amazing city.

YourNY.com — a directory of many things

NYC.GOV — The Official New York City Web Site

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center site. "Javits" is the location of the Macworld Expo, This site also links to a lot of good info.

I Love NY - An official New York State site that covers all of the state.

LongIsland.com: about the Long Island area and events there. 

Finding Places

Finding an address in Manhattan is easy because most of the streets are in a logical numbered grid. When you're given an address, it'll often be stated along with a cross street (unlike in LA where many have no clue what a "cross street" is). In case it's not though, there are 2 great solutions for you.

On the web


  • For the PalmOS there's the X-Man Manhattan Address Locator for Palm Organizers by Roamin' Empire Software. It's the same as NY.com's. Just $5! Try it and if you like and use it, be sure to pay the shareware fee.

In Print

  • I highly recommend that in NYC you carry FlashMaps New York City with you.
    Newly out of college and job-hunting in NYC, I asked a limo driver for an address. He pulled out his FlashMaps, turned to the cross street page and told me the exact cross street in well... a flash. He said no professional driver should be without it. I bought my first copy that day, wore it out over the years I lived in NYC, and continue to own copies. FlashMaps are now published by Fodor's. This one is $10.95.
  • As a world traveller, I relied heavily on Lonely Planet's books so it would be worthwhile to look into the Lonely Planet New York City Map.
  • Also take a look at the Rough Guide New York City Map.




  • WPLJ Radio - Was my favorite in High School. You can find concert info here, like the Jones Beach music series.


  • The New Yorker
  • New York Magazine (New York metro.com) — New York magazine is a print publication available at a great price, but there is also a lot of info on line at this joint venture between New York magazine and MetroTV on the Web. The site says, "New York Metro is a website with news about the city as well as reporting and criticism about restaurants, the arts and entertainment, shopping, and services in New York. A joint venture between Primedia and Rainbow's MetroTV, New York Metro publishes original editorial content as well as content from NEW YORK Magazine, MetroTV, About, and other partners."

History & Places

Forgotten NY: This site is pretty not in the best shape. It has several different versions of the site all cross-linked, some files are totally empty, and such. But there's a lot of great stuff to be found here, so it's worth the visit.

Long Island History: This was put together by the local newspaper - Newsday. I love it. (If you land at JFK or LaGuardia, you're really on Long Island. Brooklyn and Queens (the respective counties) are part of NYC, but are physically on Long Island.

The Tribute in Light Memorial: a QuickTime VR on the web, by 360VR Studio. Click the Digital City link at the bottom of their page too, for more of NYC.

Central Park — there's no place like NYC anywhere in the world and no place like Central Park. It was born on July 21, 1853 and is 150 this summer. The link just behind these words is to the official park website. It's full of information. Here, you can learn about $3 yoga classes or that a horse and buggy ride is $34 for the first 20 minutes. And of course, you can take a virtual tour of the park so you'll be familiar with it and comfortable when you arrive in person.
Additionally, an "advetorial" at NewYorkmetro.com called Celebrating Central Park has a list of many events happening in the park.


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the information presented here or anything that happens to you if you use any information presented here.

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