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GoLive News

Pop-up URL menu fix

April 3, 2001 - If you've ever used the URL pop-up menu and entered _blank in the Target field to have the destination pages open in a new window, you may have noticed that the resulting pages did not have an address bar, button bar, scrolls, etc. I found this incredibly frustrating. But notice that the menu on my home page works beautifully. That's due to Rob Keniger's brilliant fix. This is not an official Adobe fix though, so you use it at your own risk. You can download the fix here, both a pre-fixed file and the do-it-yourself directions. (If you're on Windows and do not have StuffIt Expander, now's the time to get it, so you can open this file.)

4D Bundles GoLive 5.0 to Offer Complete Dynamic Web Server Solutions

April 2, 2001 - 4D SA announced today that it has bundled GoLive 5.0 with its 4D Developer Edition, 4D Server Standard, and 4D Server Developer Editions, and a new product called 4D Web Edition.

This provides complete Web Server Solutions that enable the integration of dynamic database content into your GoLive-created site. If I understand correctly, 4D (v6.7.1) includes an Extend Script that gives you a 4D tab in the Objects palette. So to integrate a 4D database into your site, you'll get 4D Web Edition 6.7.1, which sells for US $449. To actually serve the database, one of the other packages are needed. (I am checking on this.)

Netscape 6 Fix Released

March 26, 2001 - As every web designer knows, Netscape 6 wreaked havoc on web sites as it took an evolutionary direction to comply with W3C standards. This change causes GoLive's floating boxes to malfunction, putting a real damper on GoLive's great DHTML abilities. This issue is now addressed with the release of a new extension that provides a new command, Make NN6 Compatible, which becomes available under the Special menu. You can download the extension and instructions from the following locations at Adobe:

Make NN6 Compatible: Mac | Windows

4D is the publisher of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite. More info at their site.

Opera browser for Macintosh

Feb 22, 2001 - Opera is now in beta for them Mac and available for you to try. The page keeps you abreast of the progress. There will be a version for Power PC (PPC) version, MacOS X, and a 68K version for older Macs.

Trial Version Available!

Wondering about GoLive? Want to recommend it to friends or associates to try? Now you can download a 30 day "Try & Buy version" of the North American (English) version. (Other versions are coming.)

Download the GoLive Trial from Adobe!

Action Linker Bug Fix

Feb 5th 2001 - Rob Keniger's Action Linker, a free extension (SDK) that automatically creates the link and "#" destination used to create an Action trigger has been updated to fix a newly found bug. If you are already using this extension, please download the new version from (If you haven't discovered it yet, check it out!

Adobe Tech Support FAQs

Experiencing stability problems? Check out (and follow) the steps described in these AdobeTech Support FAQs.

Troubleshooting System Errors or Freezes in GoLive 5.0:

FileMaker Inc. will be discontuing Home Page. For details and to learn what it may mean to you as a web site designer, check their page. Eventually, I'll have more coverage of how you can use FileMaker with your GoLive web sites. (But that needs to wait until after Macworld Expo.)

GoClick, by Terry Morse, has been updated to version 3.02 as of Jan 30, 2001. As usual, you can download the 30 day demo. If you own it, grab the update. What is GoClick? It's a tool for converting any document into a Web page. (There is a demo of GoClick on the book's CD, but you'll want to try the latest instead.)

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