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The People of the Book

A LOT of people helped with the GoLive 5 Bible and I'd love for you to get to know them a bit. Truth is, it's impossible to do justice to each person's contribution and expertise.

Kynn Bartlett

Lynne LaMaster

Steven Shmerler
Beate de Nijs Richard McLean John Snippe
Doug Fairchild Ken Martin Nini Tjäder
Richard Gaskin Sheri & Mario Salinas Oliver Zahorka
Jeep Hauser Cathy Scrivnor Pete Zimowski
Rob Keniger David Shadovitz and me

Cathy Scrivnor (Book Nanny) - Contributor, tech/research assistant

Catherine ScrivnorCatherine Scrivnor is an artist by trade. When AOL came along she started an artist's community that grew to be a computer support area. Next in her adventures, came web sites. While checking out the sites of GoLive Talk-list members I came upon her BusyBrushes site, wrote to compliment her, and found she lived in my town. (Actually, I lived in hers, as she was here first.) We met in person when I presented GoLive at the Mac Arts & Design Group at Apple Computer. Cathy came to provide such support as I wrote this book that in many places the words are not mine, not hers, but ours. (It's scary how we finish eachother's sentences now.) Night after night, coming home from her full-time job, Cathy ran through the steps I was documenting, or tested my findings — often on both Mac and Windows.

Cathy also wrote the Dynamic Link chapter of the book; quite an undertaking considering the many pieces that were in beta as she figured out the parts of the puzzle. (Remember, we don't have manuals or help files.)

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Kynn Bartlett — Book contributor

Kynn BartlettI met Kynn Bartlett on a local email list (several times) when I posted questions about HTML. Kynn is a one of the major contributors to the internet community-at-large. He's on the board of the HTML Writers Guild, is director of the AWARE Center, and is Chief Technologist of Idyll Mountain Internet. I often sort of reverse-engineered the pages GoLive creates via drag & drop, to check out the results and implications of using GoLive, so I could explain things in the Adobe GoLive 5 Bible. As I did, any time I had an HTML or Style Sheet question for Kynn, he came right back with the verification or response I needed. Likewise, as you learn HTML, the guild can be there for you. And as you build your pages, be sure to refer to the AWARE center for accessibility issues. (Of course, you can also refer to my book.)

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Beate de Nijs — Tip contributor

Always creative, Beate took this photo for me by shooting into the mirror. (Pretty cool, eh?) Beate is one of the pillars of the GoLive community. I don't think there is a single web designer on the GoLive Talk-list who has not been influenced by her helpful responses and insights. It's odd that her name does not appear on any Expert Tips because she definitely contributed to my general knowledge.
Beate is located in München (Munich), Germany, her university degree is in communications-design, and her original career included product catalogue and leaflet design (with some soldering chips and account handling tossed in). Upon moving to web design, she opted out of the 9-5 and into her own site design business. Beate's designs reflect the company she's designing for. Her focus is on providing creative, helpful sites for smaller businesses without the high fees that smaller businesses don't have in their budget. Beate is always experimenting with the new interactivity and effects that only the web provides, using the technology with content and function in mind.

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Doug Fairchild — Book & CD contributor

No one can spend any amount of time on the GoLive Talk-list without beginning to feel they know Doug. As he lives in Northern California, I've gotten to meet him a couple of times. Doug's an artist, also gone site designer. He contributed quite a bit to the book's appendix on e-commerce, as he's got quite a bit of experience and expertise in the area. Douglas Fairchild

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Richard Gaskin - Tech Editor

When I agreed to write the GoLive 5 Bible, it was with the condition that I get to pick my technical editor. I wanted to be sure it was someone I could pick up the phone and talk to when there was a question of how to present something to you. I've known Richard Gaskin for several years, through our local Mac User Group and knew him to have an excellent analytical mind as well as a great sense of humour. Richard GaskinWhen he started posting to the GoLive Talk list I watched his posts, and when it was time to line up my tech editor, as you can see, I called him. I couldn't believe how lucky I was that he could work out his FourthWorld schedule do this book. (FourthWorld Media Corporation is his company.)
Richard was actually more than tech editor. He was always available when I phoned him and so together we were able to work out work-flow, methods, etc.
When the book was complete he invited me to take a hike — and meant it the good way. <g> (Griffith Park and the Hollywood Hills are quite nice and it was fun to talk politics instead of GoLive for a while.

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Jeep Hauser — Book resource contributor

Jeep HauserOne night, working late, I needed to check some things out on a WebDAV server. I'd been using one that Oliver had set up for me (and others) to test on, but for some reason it was down... and it was the middle of the night for Oliver. I happened to be on ICQ (Gerry's ICQ) with David Portela and commented. He responded that Jeep Hauser had a WebDAV server and happened to be online with David. A minute later Jeep had me all set up - and we introduced ourselves to one another. Turned out that Jeep is just a few towns away, working at USC so we soon met when I presented GoLive to the San Gabriel Valley Mac User Group. He even brought his WebDAV server so we showed WebDAV live. (It was a hit!)
{BTW: Old time GoLive users who have been to Macworld will recognize that walking CyberStudio 3 box in his hand.}

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Rob Keniger — Book & CD contributor

Rob Keniger and JanetRob Keniger (Big Bang) hails from Queensland, Australia, I first called on Rob to help out with the Dynamic Link chapter; he communicated with Cathy for that. Later, he helped out with the form Actions; his knowledge of forms and Cold Fusion is extensive.
Later, the SDK came along and he became the first person to take it on and give the GoLive community some great time-savers. To my delight, he wrote an entire appendix about the SDK, providing a good foundation for anyone who wants to create a GoLive extend solution. His appendix takes you through the creation of a script that adds a new menu to GoLive. He even gave us a copy of the resulting script on the CD so you can see his exact result. Unfortunately, the book was so long that all appendices were moved out of the book and onto the CD. I requested that this excellent appendix become the final book's chapter, but my request came too late. The good news is that because it's so hard to find when you buy the book, we give you the SDK chapter here for download and use.
Big Bang does great design too - with the added eyes of his other excellent half, Janet.

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Lynne LaMaster — Sidebar contributor

My first email with Lynne was about using the GoLive layout grid: we both happen to love it. Before I knew it, Lynne was volunteering to help. You'll find her 3 useful sidebars about creating background images in Chapter 6. Lynne puts her knowledge to work in Arizona.
No, this is not Lynne. It's the other LaMaster book contributor, her son Doug. He's the SWF master who provided me with great practice files.

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Richard McLean — Book contributor

Richard McLeanRichard McLean, owner of designeffect, a has long been a hero on the GoLive Talk-list, so when I wanted someone I trusted to verify something I was writing, I asked him. After helping me out, he politely said it was fun - and told me he'd be happy to help again. And so he did!
Richard, a forms expert, took on the entire update of the forms chapter, reviewing everything I'd written about forms for what would have been the GoLive 4 Bible, adding the new GoLive 5 features. As that chapter was clearly far too long, we divided it up and created an appendix dedicated to explaining the basics of how forms work and another on e-commerce.
As if that wasn't enough, he then went on to help me out introducing all of GoLive's features in Chapter 2. (You'd see his name on more tips is he hadn't written his tips right into the chapter text.)
And when all of that was said and done, he wrote this little email to me: "I just wanted to get in early and reserve some sections of the author review. I don't want to miss out on tickets! :-)"
Richard spent several days working through the night for this book after a full day of creating sites for his clients.
His business, designeffect, is located a bit north of Sydney, Australia, in the city of Newcastle.

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Ken Martin — Book contributor

Ken MartinKen Martin, GREP guru, innocently posted a note to a GoLive discussion list, suggesting that he'd begin a web page on which we can share GREPs to help us use GoLive. I responded that I'd like to mention it in my book. Next thing he knew, Ken was reviewing my page on GREPs. Next thing I knew, I had many more pages on GREPs! Great pages!
If you really want to understand search and replace in its most powerful mode, these pages are the place to go.
(And if you've got a site full of old font formatting and want to switch to Style Sheets, don't miss Ken's GREP to handle that!) Just so I don't stereotype him, he knows a lot of other things about great web site creation and GoLive! Oh, his GREP page? Here ya go... (soon as I get it)

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Sheri & Mario Salinas — Book contributors

Sheri & Mario of (Amazon-Networks) are such an amazingly synched pair that when referring to them Cathy and I came to call them Sherio.Sheri SalinasMario Salinas The day I learned that Sheri lived in the LA area, I was so excited I called Cathy to tell her we had a new pal. I soon met Sheri and Mario when they were kind enough to come over for an evening and help me work through the book's outline. Cathy came too, and over my kitchen table (and pool table), we discussed how we each developed sites and how that translated into a comfortable learning flow. (We didn't nail it in one night, by the way. It took a lot of discussion to make sure everything fit just right.) Later, to learn and discover the nuances of WebDAV, the four of us teamed up again, spending endless hours on our speaker phones and respective computers, saying things like, "you check this file out" and "ok, I'll try opening that file now," reporting our results as I documented it all. When the book was finally done and it was time to put up this web site, they surprised me by taking my interface idea and putting a new twist on it. I created the monitors in the nav bar, but the rest of what you see is the result of their artistry and teamwork.

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David Shadovitz— Book & CD contributor

Lucky for me, one of the best programmers I know is my own brother. And fortunately, he's also very generous. David was a constant resource for me as I checked on HTML and JavaScript issues.
In fact, one of David's JavaScript examples became the basis for one of the three free OUTactions you get if you buy the book. It's great for use in forms (as are the other two free form actions.

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Steven Shmerler — Book contributor

Steven is one of the three contributors I actually knew in person before starting this book. We were both presenters at a California trade show. (I spoke about Mac Efficiency etc, while he presented a seminar about the internet.) He laughs remembering that he had a whole bunch of materials prepared to show and teach all of the Web Authoring Tools available. But he'd just seen the GoLive (then Cyberstudio 3) presentation for the first time, earlier that morning so he walked into his presentation and told the class the best advise he could give them was to get up, go across the hall to see the afternoon GoLive presentation instead. Class dismissed! (But he also stayed and showed the other HTML authoring tools — and after, there was a stampede to the GoLive booth.)
Steven Shmerler, live before web.Steven's background includes music, marketing and design; he's a musician in his own right and worked as a marketing and creative services exec in the Record Industry. When the web came along presenting a whole new realm of artistic challenge, he couldn't resist and started learning HTML (1994) and then created his own web design company, Sasnet Design.
Steven's first contribution to the book goes back to what would have been the GoLive 4 Bible. For that, he reviewed my chapter on tables and added some great tips. Later, since I waited to release the book for GoLive 5, Steven updated the graphics chapter where there was much to learn and add, thanks to the new integration with Photoshop, Illustrator, and LiveMotion.
BTW: This is Steven's life-before-the-web shot. Wanna see a larger version?

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John Snippe — Tip contributor

John Snippe(John's the one waving to me as I took this picture.) Rather than meeting on a GoLive email list, John and I first met and conversed in person at an Adobe meeting. Ken Martin was at the same meeting too, and when John heard us discussing one of Ken's contributions to the book, John volunteered to help. Sure enough, within an hour I asked a question about the Title attribute in the Link Inspector - and John casually mentioned how he takes advantage of that not-commonly-used attribute. You'll find this Expert Tip in Chapter 25, which covers Search & Replace, among other things. He doesn't know it, but he's now destined to be a bigger contributor to the next versions of this book. <g> Oh, you'll have to guess which guy in this photo is John.

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Nini Tjäder — Tip contributor

Nini TjäderNini logs into the GoLive community from Stockholm, where, by day, she works at DD Data Distribution, an Apple Center, doing support, consulting and teaching with a focus on design software. Of course, she created and maintains their site. She came to love and use GoLive (then v2) via PageMill 1 and DreamWeaver 1.
You'll find Nini's name in chapter 15, but her GoLive insights are really scattered throughout the book.)
If Nini has free time she reads fantasy/science fiction or pursues photography, drawing and travelling. One of these days she says she will set up her own site. It´s just a matter of time...

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Oliver Zahorka — Book & CD contributor

Pete Zimowski's stand-inIf there was an award for answering the most questions with the most helpful technical answers, I am pretty sure it would go to Oliver hands down (except for tying with Rob). So, when I needed someone who really knew frames to verify what I was writing, I turned to Oliver.
Of course, he went on to play a large role in the chapters on GoLive Actions and JavaScript.
Oliver not only contributed tons of expertise to the book; he also turned three of my wishes for form functionality into easy-to-use Actions — and gives them to you (if you buy the book) for FREE!  These OUTactions are not available anywhere else. I'll have an description of these free actions here too.
To learn about the rest of his excellent OUTactions, available for free or for very reasonable cost, you can use the copy of his web site that's on the book's CD or you can check out the OUTactions site.
By the way, you can also visit Oliver's private page.

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Pete Zimowski — Book contributor

Pete Zimowski's stand-inPete is the 2nd of the two contributors I actually knew before the book. Pete and I go back in time to another email list and a common friend. (Pete designs web sites for Tim Levin ( who helped me on another project years ago.) One thing we quickly learned we had in common was GoLive (then CyberStudio 2). When I got this book, I think Pete was as excited about it as I was. Pete's first contribution to the book was to review all I'd written about links for what was to be the GoLive 4 Bible, noting all of the changes made in GoLive 5. From there he went on to put together the basics of Chapters 25 and 26. I know there's more...
I just lost track.

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And then there's me...

Deborah ShadovitzIn Jr. High School I took a mini-course in Journalism and fell in love with writing. I studied radio, TV, and theater — all in the production end (never on stage). I worked in TV production in the NY "tristate area," then A/V production in NYC, until I headed off around the world. Three years later, returning to the US, I discovered the PC (DOS) and then the Mac and among other things, had a small business doing brochures and such. Next thing I knew I was doing Mac training and consulting. Soon I was full circle in life, writing again, but this time writing about the Mac and computer software. I've written for a few Mac magazines, for NewMedia online, did a column in ComputerUser for 2 years, and currently write MacEfficiency 101 at MacCentral. I co-wrote ClarisWorks Office for Dummies , AppleWorks 5 for Dummies, and the Macworld Office 98 Bible. I've also contributed to other books here and there. I speak at seminars and trade shows like Macworld Expo, too. I've known me all of my life so it was just natural to call upon myself for help. <g> I participated in the writing of all chapters (except Rob's SDK appendix).

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To the CD crew

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