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All examples on this page open in their own windows so you can see the page's code without the code from this site's interface confusing you.

Chapter 7: Layout Grid

Figure 7-1 (page 156) Live: An example of a grid within a table. The Thomas Street School (which exists only in the mind of Cathy Scrivnor)

Figure 7-13 (page 167) Live: An example of how the Layout Grid functions in relation to alignment.

Chapter 17: Refining Your Web Pages with Style Sheets

coming soon
Hiding an Invisible GIF, Nonbreaking Space, or Spacer
The directions are on page 549. This page is a live example of the class.


Sorry, this section is not yet complete.

Chapter 18: Actions

Figure 18-19 (page 598) Live: Flip Move

Flip Move Action, page 600: (Image not shown in the book)

Figure 18-21 (page 606) Live: MoveTo

Figure 18-23 (page 606) Live: ShowHide

Figure 18-25, page 609 The Resize Window Action {me}

Chapter 19: DHTML

Figure 19-15 (page 660) Live: Want to see how a DHTML animation is put together, how scenes are comprised, and how it all plays out. Check out this page. It contains the three scenes, as promised on page 660. (Thanks again to Cathy Scrivnor for the animation and Don Wallace for letting me use parts of his excellent fruit compostion.)

ColorChange: Another DHTML example, included on the CD in the MyMovers site, is this page in which three floating boxes change visibility a single ball appears to change color. By the way, the balls were brought into GoLive from Photoshop by using the Import Photoshop as HTML command.

Scattered thoughout this book are screen shots and examples that use a site I created for Magic Bob Weiss, You are welcome to visit Magic Bob's site to take a look. (And if you or your clients ever need a great magician to help market a product, I recommend Bob.)

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